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The Home Loan Process

Mike Engelking

Senior Loan Officer | NMLS #163280
  • 6720 N. Scottsdale Rd Suite 160
    Scottsdale, AZ 85253

Whenever I’m asked about my professional goals, I give the same answer: To make my clients so outrageously happy that they’ll refer their friends and family to me. After almost 20 years originating mortgage loans, this philosophy still holds true! It’s simple: I want my clients to get what they want and feel happy with how they’re treated. When you’re focused on taking care of people and building relationships based on trust, the end result — outrageously happy clients — just happens naturally. But that’s just one reason why I’m among the top 10% of mortgage planners in the country and why I get 100% of my business from referrals. The other reason? I don’t focus on commissions. Instead, I focus on really getting to know my clients. When I’ve gained a deep understanding of their wants, needs and goals — when I know what’s most important to them — then I can truly take care of them, whether that’s buying a new home or investing with an eye on retirement. I sit down with each and every client and take the time to ask the right questions until I have the answers to deliver the home loan solution that best fits their needs. Plus, this process builds trust and credibility. Sometimes, my clients ask me if I’m a therapist or a mortgage guy — but 99.9% of the time, they appreciate the results. I weave this commitment to creating partnerships through each stage of the mortgage process, whether I’m working with first-time home buyers, experienced investors or Realtors. I also know what it’s like to be on the other side of the mortgage originator’s desk — the process can be overwhelming, confusing and a bit scary, all at the same time. I remember feeling grateful that my loan officer took the time to explain the whole process at a basic level, which helped to ease my fear and uncertainty.

Mike, just a quick note to say Thanks to you and Kevin for pulling everything together on my duplex loan. I'm really happy with my rate and payments and very impressed that we were able to close as scheduled. I look forward to "personally recommending" you to our clients!

Jackie B.

Mike, Thank you for helping me get the closing done on my new house so quickly. I know it was a lot of work. And thanks for stopping by this weekend to help me with the garage and moving the furniture. I really appreciate you!

Rachel F.